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The massive MacArthur class of Heavy Assault Transports are the largest dedicated troop-carrying ships ever built for Earth Fleet.  Approaching the scale of Star Control Ships, they are not only large enough to carry the 40,000 men of two full divisions of Tech Infantry troops, but also more than enough heavy equipment to support them in Planetary Assault Pods.  These ships are far from helpless in a space battle, being armed like a Dreadnought with large numbers of Lance Torpedoes backed up by Grav Lasers, Chemlasers, and Fusion Cannons.  Of course they also carry multiple squadrons of fighters and are armed with heavy Mass Drivers for orbital bombardment.  As long as you're not facing a Core World with a billion-plus population, one of these ships might be enough to conquer an entire planet on its own.

Known Ships[edit | edit source]

EFS MacArthur LSH-501
EFS Tokimune LSH-502
EFS Miltiades LSH-503
EFS Aristides LSH-504
EFS Callimachus LSH-505
EFS Martel LSH-506
EFS Abd-er-Rahman LSH-507
EFS Jebe LSH-508
EFS Jelme LSH-509
EFS Yesugei LSH-510
EFS Moltke LSH-511
EFS Attila LSH-512
EFS Hannibal LSH-513
EFS Hamilcar LSH-514
EFS Pompey LSH-515
EFS Scipio LSH-516
EFS Patton LSH-517
EFS Rommel LSH-518
EFS Haig LSH-519
EFS Schlieffen LSH-520
EFS Kutuzov LSH-521
EFS Montgomery LSH-522
EFS Kitchener LSH-523
EFS Shaka LSH-524
EFS Arminius LSH-525
EFS Bradley LSH-526
EFS Ushijima LSH-527
EFS Yamashita LSH-528
EFS Guderian LSH-529

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

These ships were designed by Martin Hohner, and are named for great generals and commanders from pre-space history on Earth.

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