Maeve Harrington at the naming ceremony for one of her corporation's newest starships

Maeve Harrington was one of the pivotal characters in the history of the Earth Federation and the instigator of the 2nd Civil War. As a mage drafted in the Tech Infantry, she was placed with the 86th Platoon under the command of Lieutenant Lwan Eddington. She was part of the team that took down the 1st Triumvirate and ended the 1st Civil War. When asked if the Federation would survive, her famous reply was "Don't jinx it."

Early SuccessEdit

She retired from the Tech Infantry and assumed control of the family business, Harrington Industries, already a large holding company with interests in a broad variety of fields. She used her fame as a war hero and made valuable connections throughout the Fed's political and economic communities. Using her celebrity, she became a spokeswoman for her own company, greatly increasing their public exposure and market share. Through her financial dealings, she met the industrialist playboy, Michael Rappaport, whom she later married. With their financial acumen -- and businesses -- combined, they soon cultivated many different markets, and simultaneously became the hottest tabloid couple in the Federation. They quickly bought up many competitors and expanded their commercial empires. Along the way, she gave birth to Michael's child, Stephanie. Unfortunately, Rappaport died when Stephanie was just one year old, leaving his vast empire to Maeve and his daughter.

Political ManueveringsEdit

Maeve Harrington quickly unified these until-now-technically-separate corporations under the Harrington Industries holding company. She was now leader of the largest corporation in the Federation. She married her former commander and friend, Colonel Lwan Eddington, two years later. Together they had a child named A.C. Eddington.Despite her urgings, her new husband refused to leave the Tech Infantry, despite the strain that the frequent distances made on their marriage. Eventually, as her political influence grew as her economic might, she arranged for him to be appointed Marshal. This proved to be her undoing. This move made many fear that she would rule the Federation as a kingmaker. To block this, Richard Fox (head of Internal Security), Arthur Clarke (head of the Tech Infantry Special Service), and Samuel Wall (President of the Senate) formed the 2nd Triumvirate to block Harrington from controlling Federation politics.

2nd Civil WarEdit

In 2223, with the death of Fialla Spencer, who was a mediator between the Harrington and Triumvirate factions, the 2nd Triumvirate moved to finally eliminate Harrington's power. With the Bugs eliminated from all known systems (save Fieras), the Grand Council ended its military contracts with the Ferret Works, a Harrington company. With their cash flow weakened, the Triumvirate promoted a scandal with Lwan Eddington, who was imprisoned on G2 for having an affair with Brigette Campbell, another officer. With her monetary and military connections severed, the Triumvirate moved to break up Harrington Industries under anti-trust legislation (recently passed in the Senate). Seeing the endgame of the Triumvirate, Maeve felt she had no choice but to stop them by any means necessary. She threw her corporation's support to the Liberation and open war was declared.

Although she defeated the 2nd Triumvirate, it came a high cost. Her support of the Liberation meant that she was a wanted woman. When InSec found her and threatened the lives of her family, she betrayed her allies, and provided the information to the Federation that finally crushed the Liberation. She was assassinated soon after.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Yes, Maeve Harrington is definitely based on Honor Harrington, the great character from the series by David Weber. Although the 2nd Triumvirate was certainly played out in Season 3, the civil war that followed was completely Marcus' creation to set the stage for Season 4.2 and 4.3.  Her Actor Avatar has been changed (from a random Honor Harrington cosplayer from some convention) to Angelina Jolie in her role from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, because that's who everyone else seems to use for Honor Harrington fanvids. 

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