Magnus is a Lasombra Vampire and a Sabbat General

The Sabbat Army. The harbingers of death, the unstoppable tide...


General Information[edit | edit source]

It not known when Magnus was born, but vampire scholars and historians believe that it was before the end of antiquity. He was a legend within the Lasombra and was present at the Convention of Thorns when the Sabbat was officially founded in 1493.

It is also known that he also played a key role in the First Sabbat Civil War and the Second Sabbat Civil War.

The First Sabbat Civil War[edit | edit source]

The First Sabbat Civil War took place in North America at the same time as the American Revolutionary War. The Sabbat had become fractured during their time of occupation in North America. Many of the younger vampires wanted more authoritiy and greater autonomy from their older leaderrs. Conflict insued, but with no clear victor. At the same time, the Camarilla had also been expanding during the war and threatened to wipe out the Sabbat from the continent. In reaction to this Regent Gorchist and Radu Bistri who represented the Tzimisce signed the Purchase Pact which ended the conflict between the elders and their childer. Magnus represented the Lasombra and was the one that enforced the treaty. Even though the Sabbat were now unified, they did not obtain a clear victory over the Camarilla. Nevertheless, they were able to maintain a strong presence in the New World.

The Second Sabbat Civil War[edit | edit source]

The outcome of a strong Camarilla presence in North America after the First Sabbat Civil War led to the Second Sabbat Civil War in North America, which took place around 1900. America was focused on events in Europe and was less observent of things taking place at home. The Camarilla had progressively become stronger over the centuries in North America and continued to push the Sabbat back. Eventually, the Sabbat became less unified and had more infighting. The result was another internal civil war.

In order to counter the greater number of forces that the Camarilla had at their disposal, Magnus began the first ever Sabbat practice of Mass Embrace, creating massive numbers of Shovelheads. By about 1930, the Sabbat had made significant progress against the Camarilla, but they were still having problems with keeping unified. Finally, in 1933 the Code of Milan was signed by Gorchist representing the Tzimisce and Magnus representing the Lasombra, as they had signed The Purchase Pact over a hundred years earlier. This document became the effective constitution of the Sabbat. Among other things, it defined the roles and responsibilities within the Sabbat and provided the punishments for those who would break the agreement. Once again, Magnus was the one who enforced it. Some of the shovelheads that survived went on to become ancillae within the Sabbat.

Role Within the Sabbat[edit | edit source]

Technically, Magnus is considered a Priscus and is an advisor to Mordred. For day-to-day operations he reports to Santino who is considered Mordred's top Lieutenant. However, in times of war Magnus reports to Mordred himself and is considered to have a great deal of authority over cardinals and bishops within the Sabbat.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Magnus is one of several character sketches found on a spreadsheet created by Bax sometime during the first few seasons of the game. His Actor Avatar is Luke Goss, in his role as Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

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