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Malikait was a vampire and a member of the Sabbat.

Life Within the Sabbat[]

Malikait's history, along with that of many of the Sabbat inner circle, is unclear. It is believed that he was embraced by Mordred, in or around 1260.

He served as a Cardinal and technically reported to Mordred, the current Regent of the Sabbat. In practice, he only consulted with Mordred prior to making major decisions. For questions of less importance, he referred to Priscus Santino. He oversaw all Sabbat activities on the southern continent on Wilke's Star. He had six Archbishops reporting to him, including Calihye Chembryl, the Archbishop of Calaunt. It is also known that he is Irene York's de facto sire.

Attempted Coup[]

Malikait was a rebel to the core, and although that initially drew him to the Sabbat, it was eventually his downfall. Although his independence and intelligence rose him through the ranks of the organization, it disturbed him that he could never rise above his leader, Mordred. Seizing an opportunity to overthrow the antedeluvian, he allied with Dr. John Tyler and the Giovanni. However, in order to topple Mordred, his main supporter--Santino--had to be removed. He succeeded in killing his fellow priscus, but only to fall victim to his templar, William Bishop. With Malikait's death, the coup fell apart.