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The Mandela class of Missile Destroyers are some of the oldest ships still in official service.  Built around the same time as the Archer class, these ships were built to a very similar design, but modified to carry twice as many Lance Torpedo Box Launchers.  Not really upgraded since they were built, these ships pack a very powerful single-salvo long-rang punch for their size, but have very little staying power in a fight, armed with only a few Fusion Cannons and a single Chemlaser.  They are some of the most unpopular postings in the fleet, being cramped, dirty, constantly in need of major maintenance just to keep them spaceworthy, and they don't even have artificial gravity.  The handful that remain soldier on in secondary duties and would have long since been scrapped if the Earth Fleet wasn't so desperate for ships - any ships - to throw into battle in the constant wars faced by the Federation.  This is also informally known as the "Nation Builder" class, since all the ships are named for people who founded or greatly reformed their nations on Earth.

Known Ships[edit | edit source]

  • EFS Mandela DDG-205
  • EFS Lumumba DDG-206
  • EFS Fujimori DDG-207
  • EFS Ataturk DDG-208
  • EFS Pahlevi DDG-209
  • EFS Nasser DDG-212
  • EFS Meiji DDG-213
  • EFS Zogu DDG-215
  • EFS Gandhi DDG-216
  • EFS Nehru DDG-217
  • EFS Victor Emannuel DDG-218
  • EFS Ayub Khan DDG-219
  • EFS Mao DDG-220
  • EFS Chiang DDG-221
  • EFS Sun Yat-Sen DDG-222
  • EFS Weizmann DDG-223
  • EFS Disraeli DDG-225 (Renamed NIS Disraeli as part of Task Force David)
  • EFS O'Higgins DDG-226
  • EFS Ibn Saud DDG-227
  • EFS Idris DDG-228
  • EFS Assad DDG-229
  • EFS Bolivar DDG-230
  • EFS San Martin DDG-231
  • EFS Benito Juarez DDG-232
  • EFS Charles Martel DDG-233
  • EFS Bismarck DDG-234
  • EFS Washington DDG-235
  • EFS Haakon DDG-236
  • EFS Horthy DDG-238
  • EFS Botha DDG-239
  • EFS Leopold DDG-240

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

This class was designed by Martin Hohner, based on a concept by Nathan Bax.

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