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The legendary leader of the Resistance, Marko Vitek was a werewolf who transformed a group of chaotic terrorist cells into a strong powerful organization.

Early HistoryEdit

Because of his role as the test patient for Project Vitek, his actual life before joining the Tech Infantry can not be independently verified. However, Marko himself claimed to have grown up in Prague on Earth, and later drafted into the military. His family were a pack of werewolves who lived in the Bohemian Forest and had many members who had previously served.

Tech Infantry ServiceEdit

Vitek claims to have died the first time in 2196, when the Bug War was reaching his height. Due to the success of Project Vitek, he claims to have died four or five more times, serving in several campaigns against the Arachnids. Eventually, it became difficult for the project leaders to hide his multiple reappearences from former squad members he served with. So he was promoted to sergeant and served as a drill instructor at a TI boot camp. As was common practice in 2198, the sergeant served with the platoon he trained. After boot camp, he was assigned to the 86th Platoon.

It was that unit's discovery of the EFS Nightmare that led Vitek to discover his former lives. This led to the events that caused that unit to instigate the 1st Civil War. Once the 1st Triumvirate was defeated, in the chaos that ensued, Vitek fled the Tech Infantry and was welcomed by the Resistance.

Leading the ResistanceEdit

Marko managed to convince several cells to unite and convert Earth from the wreckage that it was after the Bug Asteroid of 2199. His efforts created the biggest safe zone of all time; granting the Resistance a headquarters and central location from which to expand. The Federation was not about to let their opposition claim such a choice prize. The Tech Infantry placed a legion on the planet to drive them from the planet called simply Operation Earth. Although the Resistance rarely had more than ten thousand people on Earth at any time, their continued guerilla attacks kept the Fed from reclaiming the planet for decades.

The LiberationEdit

With Vitek firmly acknowledged as leader of the movement, he used Earth as a launching pad, expanding their numbers and reach through the ever expanding Federation. It is uncertain when Maeve Harrington, CEO of the megacorp Harrington Enterprises, contacted her old drill sergeant. However, it was to become a successful partnership. She provided the Resistance with equipment and money, and in turn, the Resistance provided her with valuable inteligence. Harrington used this information to carve out her own political faction, place her husband as Marshal, and begin to shape the Federation into a free and democratic government.

However, after the 2nd Triumvirate foiled her plans, she realized that she had only one move left. Throwing the massive monetary and technological weight of her megacorp towards the Resistance, she gave them the capability to overthrow the Federation. Marko Vitek took the opportunity, declared their movement "The Liberation," and started the 2nd Civil War.

The first few years went well for the Liberation; the 2nd Triumvirate was defeated and the civilian government was shattered. In desperation, the Tech Infantry took over the government, and fought the Liberation through a series of decisive campaigns. Although the Liberation had managed to seize control of several systems, their primitive fleet was no match to a determined assault. After seven years of bitter fighting, and the betrayal of Liberation secrets due to Maeve Harrington, the war ended. Vitek initially was thought to have been killed in the last year of the war, but he turned up again on Earth, their only remaining stronghold.

3rd Civil WarEdit

For years afterwards, the remnant of the Resistance struggled to survive. Even Earth was in dispute and it seemed as if the Tech Infantry would finally prevail. However, Vitek managed to lead them to victory, kick the legion off the planet's surface, and build a new fortress city called Sanfran (on the ruins of San Francisco). While he was building this, he married one of his lieutenants, Colleen, and had a son, Kazimir Vitek. The Earth Fleet kept them in check by surrounding Earth with a ring of attack satellites.

The Resistance expanded into the new frontier worlds, gaining supporters in the liberated Frontier Worlds Territory and Eastern Bloc, as well as rebuilding their network. They became strong enough to secede the galactic northwest during the 3rd Civil War, with assistance from the Horadrim community, including Vin Dane. However, their brief resurgence was soon crushed by a task force under the command of Erich Von Shrakenberg, who finally destroyed Earth by driving its moon into its surface. With the destruction of their main base, open warfare against the Fed ceased, the systems rejoined the government, and the Resistance went underground.


Marko Vitek had died when Earth was destroyed, splintering the faction into individual cell leaders, none of which were able to unite or draw on large resources. There are some rumors that Vitek was already dead prior to the 3rd Civil War, and that he was replaced by a clone grown by InSec scientists who had access to the original Project Vitek files. The conspiracy theory continues that Vitek was therefore the puppet of Rashid King. However, with the death of both of those figures, and their databases destroyed, there is no way to independently confirm or deny these rumors. Former Resistance leadership claims these rumors were an attempt to smear their former leaders' name and their organization. His name remains a battle cry on several worlds.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Marko Vitek was an NPC added to the 86th Platoon in Second Season as the Storyteller's mouthpiece for exposition and a way to nudge the plot forward when the characters were being obtuse. His Actor Avatar is Mark Harmon.

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