Cigarette smoke around delicate machinery? Smells like job security!

Melissa Bertram was an engineer in Earth Fleet who frequently worked alongside Xinjao O'Reilly. Much of her career was spent on board Archer-class destroyers, including the EFS Benedict, but she also served on board the EFS Schaumburg, and on Dock 14 of the Phoenix Yards. She fought in the battles of Rios, New Madrid, and Phoenix. Following the Christian Federation takeover of the Phoenix shipyards, she led the escaping prisoners and engineers down to the planet below.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Her Actor Avatar is Rue McClanahan. She was originally created to be a character on board the Schaumburg, but due to the battle and espionage plots, her story got delayed until the Benedict plot arc. She was created by player Ed Stasheff and named after a particularly unpleasant coworker of his.

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