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I'm gonna give you a Gift, one you won't forget...

Michelle Fisher is a werelynx lieutenant currently serving in a Raptors Special Forces unit for the Earth Federation under Major Bernard Dent.


Michelle Fisher was born a werelynx 2241 on San Angeles and was raised by her grandmother who was a retiree from the Tech Infantry. Under the guidance of her grandmother, Fisher was exposed to the more religious and cultural aspects of her heritage as opposed to combat techniques normally emphasized by werewolves. As a result she knows many werecreature abilities that most modern werewolves do not know exist. This gives her the ability to perform some tasks that are beyond the capabilities of many of the other werecreatures. In spite of her early up bringing not emphasizing combat methods, she is still an effective and dangerous fighter.

Service HistoryEdit

Fisher joined the TI in 2255 at the age of fourteen. She spent three years on the front lines fighting the Bugs specializing in reconnaissance. In 2258, she applied for OCS and was accepted based upon her superior service in the field. She graduated as a lieutenant in 2259 and concentrated in infiltration techniques. Her good service history and talents were quickly noticed by Major Bernard Dent and had her assigned to his Raptors unit hunting down draft dodgers on Wilke's Star. That was when she met William Bishop. After the defeat of the Caal and the rise of the Holy Terran Empire, Fisher stayed with Dent. She now is his subordinate in a Raptors Special Forces unit loyal to the Earth Federation. In 2265 she helped William Bishop trackdown and kill Cho Yamazaki. Later she was promoted to Captain and sent on a special mission with William Bishop, who was promoted to Major, to deliver a peace treaty to Aisha Ramirez. Upon completing the mission Fisher assisted Bishop in assassinating Ramirez in order to become affiliated with the Sabbat. They succeeded and were sent to Wilke's Star. Fisher was then killed by William Bishop in Calaunt after she had refused to comply with orders from Calihye Chembryl.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Michelle Fisher 2

Michelle Fisher in lynx form.

The name Michelle Fisher was chosen by a player that simply felt it was a good name. Later, the player was pleased that he chose the last name Fisher when he remembered that Carrie Fisher played the part Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars movies IV, V, VI. He now considers the last name of the NPC to be in homage of her splendid performance that in his opinion was over shaddowed by other actors. Her Actor Avatar is Rachel Ticotin.
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