Why am I wasting time talking to this guy?! He's a minor NPC!

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Minor NPC's are generally supporting characters who are named that don't have enough information to justify a whole page for them. They can be added here so that other readers can visualize and undersand them. As Minor NPC's become more important, it will be easy to add more information here as it becomes available, until they have enough information to join the ranks of Major NPC's, and get their own page.

If a Minor NPC dies, then this entry can be moved to the Deceased NPC's page, to keep track of them for future ideas and for general knowledge. All entries are susceptible to rapid player and moderator edit.

All NPC's in the current story, major, minor, and deceased, should also be listed by which storyline they appear in over on the List of NPCs by Storyline page.

Current Minor NPC List -- as of Episode 5, Act 2.

  • Aie, Miu's executive assistant at MIRADI.
  • Agent Five, the mysterious employee of Izzy D'Argent
  • Lieutenant Commander Adorinda Alinejad, commander of the CIC on board the INS Cyrus.
  • Trooper Anderson, one of Dent's Raptor unit.
  • Captain Nils Astrovik, one of the Earth Fleet captains in the attack on Kalintos.
  • Colonel Stefan Bezrukov, CO of the Terran Navy's 6th Fleet Marine Detachment.
  • Vice Admiral Lyla Blair, Terran Republic Navy, in charge of Project BREWHOUSE.
  • Lord Admiral Brodbeck, commander of the Avalon defense fleet.
  • Tamara Chakravarty, Director for Infrastructure, Port Arthur.
  • Chambers, a mineral merchant on Andersvald.
  • Lee Chaudhri, the Governor of Wolf.
  • Director Choi, manager of the LAF-1B fighter contruction project.
  • Lieutenant Dennis, entropy mage assigned to Scyr.
  • Aussie (Austerity) DeVille, pilot of the Legacy, Izzy D'Argent's ship.
  • Durmach K'Hhak Rarhath, relation of the Executive Board of the K'Nes Llan.
  • Commander Lincoln Esposito, Imperial Fleet, operations chief for Pennyworth.
  • Captain Finnin, commander of the INS Cyrus.
  • Freak, tactical officer of the Legacy, Izzy D'Argent's ship.
  • Colonel Garant, Imperial Army training commandant on Cronos.
  • Claudius Giovanni, a vampire who may have kept some of the Cappadocians' secret powers.
  • Lieutenant General Alfred Goldworth (ret.), William Bishop's contact on Midgar.
  • Trooper Greene, one of Dent's Raptor unit.
  • Executive Director Gurrmew K'Laek K'Soth, LEO of Gurrmew & Yeomurt, LLP
  • Lieutenant Halsson, mage in charge of the Tech Infantry's 10-672nd Engineer Platoon.
  • Rear Admiral Hoedemaker, the commandant of Wolf's orbital defense network.
  • Bishop Hu, former Buddhist, now military leader in the Cult of the Emperor on New Tokyo.
  • Sergeant Ise Chen, one of the Yasuyama security officers.
  • Iizuka Kazuya, obayun of Yakuza-Iizuka on New Tokyo.
  • Brian Kaufman, Scoutmaster of Troop 3894 on Kalintos.
  • Kirrp, technomagickal specialist on board the Avarice, Heth's ship.
  • Kiyokazu, one of Takamitsu's security detail.
  • Kobayashi Yosuke, one of Yasuyama Akihiro's security detail.
  • Larry, engineer of the Legacy, Izzy D'Argent's ship.
  • Lieutenant McMichael, one of Dent's Raptor unit.
  • Corporal Liu, a correspondence mage who is one of Yasuyama Akira the Younger's friends.
  • M’Rowr, Heth's pilot.
  • Admiral Qing Mengyao, CO of the Terran Navy's 6th Fleet.
  • Count Fearghal Moon, the nominal ruler of Kalintos for the Holy Terran Empire.
  • Lieutenant Moyers, entropy mage assigned to Scyr.
  • Captain O'Shaughnessy, commander of Governor Windling's personal fleet.
  • Lieutenant Orenstein, tactical officer in the CIC of the INS Cyrus.
  • Commander Pandit, XO on the INS Alistar Dimiye, captured by Argus McCall.
  • Lord High Admiral Ramachander Pennyworth, sector commander on Cronos for the Imperial Fleet.
  • Malai Prattabong, Assistant Director, Utopia Planitia Ship Yards, Mars.
  • Gabriel Quattone, works for the Department of Communications, Ministry of Public Safety.
  • Stefan Quattone, Gabriel's teenage son.
  • Rachel, a Sabbat vampire on Wilke's Star.
  • Pilot Reilly, fighter pilot on the TNS Scalable Brutality.
  • Robertson Sun-Yat, High Priest of the Cult of the Emperor on New Tokyo.
  • General Richards, Military Advisor for Aisha Ramirez.
  • Governor Wilfred Saito-Sato, the warlord of Jennifer's Star.
  • Lord High Admiral Yin Hao Sirawatan, commander of Imperial Fleet task force at St. Michael's Star.
  • Edwina Smythe, mother of Joesph Smythe.
  • Surra, M'Rowr's mate.
  • Patty Sylvest, Civilian Coordinator, Earth Federation Light Infantry department.
  • Victoria Sylvest, Patty's teenage daughter.
  • Sergeant Tinsler, one of the operatives in Chairman Smythe's spy service.
  • Danielle Twedt, navigator of the Legacy, Izzy D'Argent's ship, and former renegade admiral.
  • General Vandemaar, Imperial Army commander on St. Michael's Star.
  • Vanessa, Sabbat Cardinal of New Chicago.
  • Kaj Vang, the President of the Wilke's Star Free State.
  • Llora Vivas, the Chairman of the Terran Republic, promoted after the death of Kazimir Vitek.
  • Spaceman Waldon, crewman on the TNS Scalable Brutality.
  • Governor Windling, ruler of the Eden System for the Terran Republic.
  • H.G. Wells, the psuedonym of one of Smythe's spies.
  • Yan Xu, senior security officer for Anshin Heavy Industries.
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