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is a star system of the Holy Terran Empire which, until recently, was known simply as H3.  After the Ascension War, it was renamed in honor of the late Empress Miranda Mayfield, who died at the Battle of the Round Table defending her husband, Vin Dane.

Miranda is the only system in which the Imperial jumpgate network has expanded.  Formerly a backwater accessible only from New Paris, it was selected as the site of a new hyperspace beacon to Phoenix in order to speed transit between the Western and Eastern halves of the Empire.  This decision was viewed by some in the Imperial Court as a snub to House Vendo, which had lobbied strongly for the decommissioned New Madrid-Rios beacon to be redirected to Phoenix, instead.

Miranda's sole inhabited planet has proven difficult to terraform, but its symbolic importance to the Empire has ensured that it finally received the attention and resources to complete the project.  House Villars has been pouring money and manpower into the terraforming project as a memorial to the fallen Empress, and in the hopes of laying claim to the system as part of its expanding territory.

Behind the ScenesEdit

H3 was renamed Miranda as a reference to the planet from the film Serenity

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