I am the bloody queen, mate. Basically, I rule.

Dr. Miranda Ann Mayfield, MD, MS, was the Holy Terran

Empress, and wife of Emperor Vin Dane.

Pre-Coronation HistoryEdit

Miranda was in the Tech Infantry during the 3rd Civil War on the Earth Federation side. She served alongside Vin Dane during that time and became friends, possibly lovers.  As soon as her term of service was over, she attended New Paris University.  Due to her previous medic experience in the Tech Infantry, she was able to breeze through pre-medical training and receive her Bachelor's Degree in Public Health.  She accepted a position in the Tech Infantry Special Service as a civilian researcher.  Miranda was then accepted at the University of New Chicago, where she continued to work while attending medical school.  She received a waiver from Arthur Clarke himself for her clinicals and residency to be performed within the Raptors.

While studying, she also received her Master's in Arcane Life Sciences, with her dissertation on ethereal scanners.  She became one of the key members of the Raptor R&D department, and was especially skilled at detecting difficult creatures who avoided federal service.  Her expertise enabled her identify the first Caal and provided the Federation with what little warning they had of the impending Caal Invasion.

Dr. Mayfield was the woman responsible for locating Xavier Pollos, the man who had rediscovered the Orb, and helped to defeat him in New Chicago.

Post-Coronation HistoryEdit

Emperor Vin Dane personally crowned her in a planet-wide ceremony, solidifying the future line of succession.  She was officially head of the Imperial Household within the Holy Terran Empire, but since there was little current work in that sphere, she lead Research & Development for the Imperial Armed Forces.

Unfortunately, she perished alongside her husband in the Battle of the Round Table, where her soul was sucked out of her by Scyr, to power the Orb.

The star system H3 was later renamed Miranda as a memorial.

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