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Her prefers guns, actually, but he'll just as happily kill you with a sword

Miro Creed was a Human/Horadrim hybrid who worked as a bodyguard for Priscilla Savant in the early 2240's.

Horadrim Nature[]

Miro Creed grew up not knowing of his Horadrim heritage. The first he knew was when the nanobots of his Soul Web began speaking in his head one day when he was a young adult. He had already served a hitch in the Light Infantry by then, and seen combat bad enough that he suffered flashbacks for the rest of his life. But once he learned of his true nature, he left the military and began a life as an underworld drifter, moving from one job as hired muscle to the next, before being hired by Alex Grey to be a bodyguard to his band Gun Metal Grey and its lead singer, Priscilla Savant.

Bodyguard to the Stars[]

No sooner had Miro started work guarding Savant than a team of Tech Infantry assassins broke into her apartment while she slept. Miro easily handled them, killing all but one, and only later did he realize they may have been coming for him, not her. His heroism in saving her life, however, helped the two start a romantic and sexual relationship, which generated some publicity in the tabloid celebrity press. The mysterious attacks on the band continued, until their tour had to be cancelled following incident at a concert on Babylon that resulted in the death of Rick, another of the bodyguards on Miro's team, as well as severe injuries to Creed. The female cyborg involved in that attack let slip that her target was Miro Creed himself just before he killed her, and once he realized that his presence on her security team was attracting more threats than he was deterring, he decided to leave her service. Immediately afterwards, he recieved information from Rico Severns, one of his underworld contacts, indicating that Prisclla Savant's entire public online history had been faked. Very well faked, but faked, everything before her graduation from a boarding school turning out to be fraudulent. In the middle of the videophone call passing on this info, Severns was attacked and killed by a pair of InSec Agents, and when Miro returned to confront Savant with this information, he found that she had been kidnapped and her management team killed.

The Investigation[]

Miro in his younger days

Investigating her disappearance, Miro tracked down a freelance computer hacker named Edmund "BeBop6" Filks, who had remotely wiped the band's computers on contract from InSec. Miro nearly beat Filks to death, and barely escaped when InSec agents attacked him afterwards. Hiring Filks had been a trap; knowing the incompetent hacker would leave digital traces the Horadrim Soul Web's nanobots could track, he had been hired specifically to lure Miro into following him. Recovering the data Filks had wiped, Miro learned that she had been taken by Insal Turks, a rogue InSec agent, who had killed Alex Grey and forced his tour manager Mendota to commit suicide. He also learned that Priscilla Savant had been a secret government project in the first place, a clone or cyborg of some sort programmed with false memories, apparently for the expressed purpose of luring Miro Creed into a situation where he could be captured.

Resistance Rescue[]

A series of running battles followed, between Miro and the InSec agents on his trail. But InSec wasn't the only force after him. A weredragon InSec agent named Dietrich Vannis, the man who killed Rico Severns, was tracking both Miro and Insal Turks, the rogue agent who kidnapped Savant. A mysterious cyborg woman named MacManus, who was some sort of religious fanatic, was tracking them both as well. And a group of Horadrim working with the Resistance were looking for Miro, and they were the ones to spirit Miro away when the others fell to fighting amongst themselves over who got to capture Miro first. Kash and Shannon told him more about his hybrid nature than his Soul Web had ever been able to tell him.

Unstuck in Time[]

When he doesn't wear denim, he doesn't wear much at all

Miro was injured in this four-way fight, and while he was recovering from his wounds, he was visited in a resistance safehouse by Vin Dane. Vin Dane promised to take him back to Hodraida, the Horadrim homeworld, and teach Miro about his mysterious past and the full extent of his Horadrim abilities. But it was all a ruse: this was not the young Vin Dane who worked with the Resistance, this was Vin Dane the God-Emperor of Mankind from the year 3000 AD, and he wanted to absorb the energy of Miro's bright-burning Star Soul. Miro escaped from his clutches with the help of Fialla Spencer, and became unstuck in time. Involuntarily shifting back and forward in time, he appeared to the Yasuyama family as "The Denim Man", kidnapping two of their members in an effort to blackmail the rest into providing him with aDooms Day Device with which to destroy Avalon and kill the young Vin Dane before he had a chance to properly found the Holy Terran Empire. They complied, but did not tell him everything he needed to know to operate a 3D properly, and the explosion failed. Miro was again captured, but again escaped when Scyr arrived to kill Vin Dane and replace him. Tossed back into the future, he again met up with Fialla Spencer and took up the alias Felix Straden. As the last Horadrim alive, he founded the new Tech Infantry as a resistance movement against Vin Dane and his reign of terror and chaos in the fourth millennium.

Behind the Scenes[]

Miro was the Season 4.3 player character for Nathan Bax. His story was tragically cut short when Bax's real-life job responsibilities left him without the time to properly participate in the game. His Actor Avatar is Korean pop singer and actor Jung Ji-Hoon, better known by his stage name, Rain. The pic was originally used for Xavier Pollos, but fits Miro better.