Mittalcoa doesn't have much of a skyline, but then Minos doesn't have much of a sky

Mittalcoa was founded in 2053 as one of the first cities on Minos. Its construction was paid for by the Mittal Steel and Alcoa Aluminum corporations, two large Industrial megacorporations from Earth. They built hundreds of steel mills, coke plants, and aluminum smelters in the city to take advantage of the vast hydroelectric power reserves of the Ferret River, and the easy transportation of coal on barges down the same river from the coal fields in the foothils of the Cobalt Mountains. It grew into a city of 6 million people and one of the leading causes of the pollution that Minos is infamous for.

In 2106, a group of private investors bought several obsolete factories in Mittalcoa and retooled them to produce armor and other large structural components for starships being assembled in orbit around the planet. They named their new company the Ferret Works after the river which was so important to the city, and it soon grew into one of the largest military contractors in the Federation. In 2220 it was bought out by Harrington Industries and this consolidation proved one of the key contributing factors to the conditions that led to the Second Civil War.

Behind the Scenes

Mittal Steel and Alcoa are two real companies.

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