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Prurr K'Aou K'Miu is the LEO of MIRADI, a K'Nes industrial research ccompany. She is a corporate ally and romantic interest of Heth.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Miu was born in 2254, toward the end of the Vin Shriak War. Her mother, lacking any other assets, contracted her reproductive rights to the K'Nes Tor Imperial Army. Miu was one of a liter of five cubs contracted from birth to be "recruits".

Miu had just reached maturity and was in boot camp when the Federation conquered the K'Nes Tor in the Vulthra War, and the Tor Army was disbanded.

Out on the streets during the economic turmoil of the human Occupation, and with no other assets that her mind and body, Miu went into business for herself in the reproductive entertainment industry. Working hard and performing well, she increased her customer base in both quantity and quality.

Keeping her ears open around her wealthier clients (and occasional curious humans) for insider business tips, she bean trading in the commodities markets. Saving every credit, she put herself through business school, picking up certifications in material science along the way. Upon graduation, she recruited investors (including some former clients) and launched her first business, an industrial research company.

LEO of MIRADI[edit | edit source]

The corporate strategy behind Miu's company MIRADI (The Miu Institute for Research and Development, Inc.) was assuming the humans would invoke the Five Acts (Federation control of all industrial resources to support the war effort) and screw with her company. Therefore, the materials her company developed could be used in either the industrial or military sectors of the economy. She earned a few fat Federation contracts and her start-up company was wildly successful.

Caal Invasion & Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With the collapse of the Federation, the K'Nes were freed from the Five Acts, and the K'Nes economy boomed with a new emphasis on the long-neglected consumer sector. Unfortunately, it also resulted in MIRADI losing their most lucrative income streams (the Fed contracts). The newly-formed K'Nes Llan government considered a military buildup to be a poor investment of scarce resources. MIRADI quickly fell on hard times as Miu desperately tried to retool the company for the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.

Merger with Heth[edit | edit source]

At this point, Miu received a bizarre offer. One of her more shady business associates, the businesscat Miao K'Rowr K'Heth (who was clearly infatuated with her) offered to provide her company labs with a revolutionary new material - but the price was a merger and reproductive partnership between Miu and himself. Doubting he could deliver, but desperate for new revenue streams, she agreed.

She was shocked when Heth reappeared a few weeks later with a sample of the new material. Obligated to honor the contract, she merged with Heth, despite him being a member of a pariah trading house and the runt of his liter. Once MIRADI issued press releases about their new product, Impossibarium, the company began doing better, but was still struggling.

A few months later, Heth committed the shocking crime of breaking a contract. He was demoted several ranks and forced to compensate the Miao Trading House for the loss out of his personal assets (which all but wiped them out).

With several months to go before the K'Nes mating season began, and aware that auctioning her reproductive rights could raise much-needed capital for her company, Miu invoked the Low Return on Investment clause in her Articles and Procreation with Heth, dissolving their merger.

Heth didn't take it well and quickly became a nuisance, trying to beg, plead, and coerce her to come back. It ended with Heth's nervous breakdown, and she didn't see him again for several weeks. Then he reappeared with an offer to facilitate a lucrative Impossibarium sale between MIRADI and the Jurvain, which Miu was too desperate to turn down.

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