Wires in the blood...and circuits and gears, oh my!

A tiny mechanical device too small to see with the naked eye. Nanobots come in many flavors and are designed to do a multitude of tasks. The gestalt-intelligence devices which make up a Horadrim Soul Web are sophisticated nanobots smaller than some larger molecules. Nanotech armor is covered by a soup of nanobots. Industrial facilties use huge vats full of nanobots to rapidly build sophisticated devices one molecule at a time. Medical nanobots clean toxins and infectious organisms from the bloodstream, knit bones back together, and block hemorrhages. Attack Nanobots are either medical nanobots which kill cells and shred internal organs, or industrial nanobots which are programmed to fry circuitry, damage mechanical devices, and generally muck things up.

Most nanobots are too small to contain much in the way of chemical batteries or control circuitry, so they require external power input and commands. This is generally provided by a Nanobot Console, a computerized device which uses microwave radiation to both provide beamed power to a group of nanobots, and also control and coordinate their activities.

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