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A light form of nanotech armor

Nanotech Armor is a class of Power Armor which uses billions of nanobots as its outer covering. The nanobots can reseal the suit to repair damage, shift the tiny scales of armor plate and other components to allow the suit to change size and shape to accommodate werecreatures as they shift into and out of Crinos form during combat, and an integrated chameleon circuit can make the nanobots change the texture and coloration of the outer skin to provide reconfigurable instant camouflage. It is generally the most sophisticated, effective, and expensive form of Power Armor, and is generally reserved for use by Werecreatures in the Tech Infantry and Imperial Army.

The first model of Nanotech armor was the Mark 100 "Centurion" Power Armor Suit made by XTRON Laboratories, although dozens of subsequent models have been introduced since then.

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