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Narrah in the ceremonial dress armor of a Tor Army Praetor.

Rror K'Gurr K'Narrah was a Praetor in the K'Nes Tor Army in season 4.3. He reappeared in season 9 as the captain of a K'Nes mercenary company.


Early Life

Narrah was born in 2199 in the K'Laek system of the K'Nes Tor to a poor family of asteroid miners. Wanting to make a profitable life for himself, but lacking any assets other than his body and mind, he sold himself to the Tor Army. During the course of his long military career, he became one of the few K'Nes to become a Praetor (General) by rising through the ranks, rather than purchasing his commission (which was common among aristocratic K'Nes families).

Third Civil War

Known to the K'Nes as the War of Expansion, the K'Nes Tor's first offensive agaisnt the Earth Federation was the First Battle of Midgar. Once the planet was defeated (after the K'Nes Fleet bombed Midgar into surrender), Narrah was one of many officers responsible for securing the planet's northern continent. Narrah was by far the most successful at maintaining order in his assigned province, using a combination of politics and violence. Through a careful balance of diplomacy and trade deals (and outright bribes) with the local human political elites, Narrah prevented many insurgent groups from forming. Insurgents cells that did form were ruthlessly destroyed to the last man through careful intelligence and devastating stealth attacks.

Narrah was understandably outraged when the K'Nes Tor withdrew from Midgar four months later, but his anger was blunted when he was promoted to Praetor. While the K'Nes and Jurvain formed a secret alliance and coordinated an invasion of human space, Narrah was tasked with planning the planetary invasion of Andersvald in the Frontier Worlds Territory. When the surprise attack was finally launched, the planet was quickly overrun and secured with minimal casualties, a feat for which Narrah was awarded the Tor Medal for Resource Efficiency.

Narrah and his armies were immediately sent into the Second Battle of Midgar. The K'Nes Fleet seized the system, but not before the TI Rebels were able to land a legion of Technical Infantry under the command of Brigadier-General Alistar Dimiye (infamous for eating the raw hearts of K'Nes he killed in battle). Facing veteran soldiers for the first time instead of Light Infantry or Colonial Marines, the K'Nes invasion initially stalled, suffering two costly defeats. In true K'Nes fashion, however, Narrah finally defeated the Tech Infantry through a combination of stealth, a vicious sneak attack, and negotiating a deal with one of Dimiye's political and personal enemies, Stacey Johannes (aka Maegwin Harrington, niece to Stephanie Harrington), to sabotage the TI defenses. To this day, Narrah remains the only person to ever defeat Dimiye in battle.

A month later, Narrah led the Tor Army in the invasion of New Tokyo. After initial successes, Xavier Pollos used the Orb to destroy half the K'Nes Fleet. Without orbital support, the K'Nes were forced to withdraw.

Second Vulthra War

Narrah was in charge of the defense of Midgar, the first K'Nes planet the Federation would have to invade. Unfortunately, their Vulthra allies were difficult to negotiate and work with, as the two species had radically different concepts of warfare. The humans exploited this weakness to their advantage. The bulk of Vulthra troops were lured into a hopeless combat situation where, as they refused to retreat or surrender, the humans wiped them out to the last man. With half of thier combined armies now gone, Narrah cut his losses and withdrew from Midgar.

Narrah rallied his troops on Andersvald and prepared to fight, but the K'Nes Fleet was completely destroyed in the Battle of Andersvald, leaving him cut off from supplies and reinforments. The humans bombarded K'Nes defenses from orbit, then began the planetary invasion. Narrah led a fierce defense of the capitol to prevent the humans establishing a foothold, but the K'Nes lost the ensuing battle (during which Narrah's left leg and tail were blown off). Considering any further defense of the planet to be both pointless and doomed, Narrah and his troops surrendered and were taken prisoner.

Within months, the Federation had siezed the capitol of the K'Nes Tor on Urrin. Clear now the K'Nes would lose the war, Emperor Horrath VI surrendered unconditionally rather that lose more property and lives in a struggle doomed to failure.

Human Occupation

At first, Narrah was a wanted war criminal, but then the Federation shifted tactics. Determining that the Praetors were "just following orders," the humans shifted blame for any war crimes to Emperor Horrath, mainly as an excuse to execute the K'Nes Tor's leader. The royal pride was exiled, and the Tor Army was disbanded.

Narrah, unemployed and with no other job skills than a keen talent for destroying property and labor (which is not highly valued in business), had a hard time finding any employer willing to risk hiring a former Praetor while living under the human Occupation. Narrah lived off his savings until they dried up. Finally, Horrath Industries (the royal clan's company), still feeling some responsibility for their former soldiers, hired as many as they could to fill low-paying unskilled labor positions. Narrah spent the next eight years in bored obscurity as a corporate security guard.

Caal Invasion & Aftermath

After the Caal smashed the Federation, the K'Nes broke away and formed the K'Nes Llan. Lacking any armed forces to defend their new-found independence, many former Tor Army officers began forming mercenary companies. Unfortunately Narrah, penniless and not coming from a wealthy clan like many other Tor officers, didn’t have the money or resources to form his own mercenary company. After a long search for investors, he was finally hired by Heth to lead the first mercenary team for Miao Mercantile, Inc on Nhur.

Memorable Quotes

  • "If blood was currency, my assets would be legendary!"

Behind the Scenes

Narrah was created by player Frank D'Antuono as an NPC in season 4.3. The character's name was originally spelled "Naarah" in season 4.3. His name was accidentally changed to "Narrah" in season 9 due to a typo by one of the players.