Nathan Lopez admonishing one of his soldiers for drinking on duty

Lieutenant Nathan Lopez is a wereraven, a soldier in the Tech Infantry, and a member of the Raptors, currently serving as the squad leader of Fifth Squad in Soti's Slammers.

Early LifeEdit

Nathan Lopez was born in 2227 on New Madrid, the son of an office manager and a retired Tech Infantry officer. He grew up in the city of Terranova, and entered the Tech Infantry at age 16, just in time for the Third Civil War.

Military CareerEdit

He served mostly as a Marine on board Earth Fleet ships during the war, serving very briefly with Malachai Spyder on board the EFS Schaumburg under Captain Erich Von Shrakenberg. After the Battle of Rios, he was transferred to the EFS Shenandoah under Captain Terry Carter, on which he was captured at the Battle of Mars. He spent most of the rest of the war in a Resistance POW camp on Mars, being released after the Earth System was re-occupied by Government forces after the destruction of Earth. His career did not suffer too badly, and he was able to participate in some of the final mopping up operations at the end of the war along the Jurvain frontier. A few years later, he was sent to Officer Candidate School, graduating just in time for the Vin Shriak War. Following that conflict, he applied for a transfer to the Raptors, and was accepted.

Raptor ServiceEdit

While working with the Raptors, Lopez was trained as a sniper, and served with an elite strike force tasked with raids on organized draft-dodger and smuggling rings. He briefly went into front-line combat again during the Vulthra War, before retunring to Raptor service and being stationed on Rios. He was on Rios when the Caal Invasion hit, and was ordered to return to front line service and recalled to Avalon, but did not make it in time. When the Holy Terran Empire was established, he remained loyal to the Earth Federation, and was placed as a squad leader in Soti's Slammers. While in that unit, he took part in the capture of the INS Alistar Dimiye, the Liberation of Kalintos, and is currently taking part in the liberation of St. Michael's Star. His Fifth Squad consists of Bill Balogh, Frances Xavier, and Damien Nicholas.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Nathan Lopez is the gender-flipped namesake of Natalia Lopez, a friend of several of the players, who goes by the name "Raven" online occasionally. His Actor Avatar is Esai Morales.

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