Jews in space

The most wandering Jews ever.

New Israel was a small faction in the "Middle Kingdom" alternate timeline of the Tech Infantry universe.


During the Third Civil War, Captain Xinjao O'Reilly organized a volunteer task force to "contain" the Christian Federation while the Earth Fleet focused on battling the Tech Infantry Rebels and the Jurvain Commonality.  The bulk of his volunteer ships and crew came from the Jewish colony of New Israel in the Cronos system.  After the conquest of the Christian Federation's core systems at the end of the 3rd Civil War, many Jewish settlers migrated to these three systems (Arnheim, San Angeles, and Beowulf) to expand their colonial base.

Vin Shriak WarEdit

When the Vin Shriak destroyed the Earth Federation in 2252, these three colonies declared their independence as New Israel and allied with the Eastern Bloc agasint the Vin Shriak.  Although once the Vin Shriak were defeated in 2253 and the Eastern Bloc attacked and conquered its former allies, New Israel was spared.  This was possibly because as a small faction on the frontiers of known space, it was not considered worth the time and trouble to conquer.

Christian MinorityEdit

As New Israel was built on the remains of the Christian Federation, it consequently had a fundamentalist Reorganized Orthodox Baptist Christian minority.  After being shut out of the government and a great part of the economy by the Jewish ruling class for several years, the Christians turned rather violent and began protesting and even attacking their overlords.

In 2271, fundamentalists Christians decided to march on a synagogue which had been built on the ruins of a Orthodox Baptist church in the Watts District of San Angeles.  The ensuing clash with Jewish authorities escalated until shots were supposedly fired from the crowd, at wich point the New Israeli Militia opened fire on the marchers, killing four protestors.

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