Bright future, shining legacy... boring as hell.

The New Paris System was colonized in 2077, prior to the Avalon colony's founding in the Vega System. However, Avalon's proximity to Earth made it a more attractive colony. For a century, it remained an unremarkable system of the Earth Federation.

The digital gate project changed that; with sudden instanteous transport between Earth, Avalon, and New Paris, it became a major throughfare for military and commercial traffic. WIth the destruction of Earth in 2198 by another Bug asteroid, Avalon became the new capital. After the 1st Civil War, the system became a cheaper alternative than the capital planet for the growing number of bureaucrats who served the Federation. It remains today one large suburban star system.

The New Paris system was entered, but not attacked, by the Caal invasion fleet en route from Jennifer's Star to Avalon. This miraculous "New Paris New Passover" has made the planet a hotbed of loyalty to the new Holy Terran Empire and a center of fervor for the Cult of the Emperor.

Behind the Scenes

New Paris is named for the capital city of the Republic of Haven in the Honor Harrington stories by David Weber.

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