Bright future, shining legacy... boring as hell.

The New Paris System was colonized in 2077, prior to the Avalon colony's founding in the Vega System. However, Avalon's proximity to Earth made it a more attractive colony. For a century, it remained an unremarkable system of the Earth Federation.

The digital gate project changed that. With the sudden availability of almost instantaneous transport to Earth and Avalon, New Paris became a major thoroughfare for military and commercial traffic. With the destruction of Earth in 2198 by another Bug asteroid, Avalon became the new capital. After the 1st Civil War, the system became a cheaper alternative than the capital planet for the growing number of bureaucrats who served the Federation. It remains today one large suburban star system. Outside of its cities of cheap housing and smaller towns of quiet family living, its farmland helps feed the urban populations of itself and Avalon. This status as a supply hub for the enormous population on Avalon led to it retaining its digital gate connection, even as most other jumpgates were shut down after the Ascension War, as a necessity for feeding the masses on Avalon.

The New Paris system was entered, but not attacked, by the Caal invasion fleet en route from Jennifer's Star to Avalon. This miraculous "New Paris New Passover" made the planet an early hotbed of activity for the Cult of the Emperor, and it remains one of the most loyal systems in the Empire. This system's importance as the gateway to the Capital and center of its supply network led to it being both heavily fortified and entrusted to only the most loyal of the Emperor's vassals.

Currently, the Pontifex of the Imperial Cult, Edmund Villars, governs New Paris as the head of House Villars. Villars attained his office and fief after the death of the previous Pontifex, Radomir Mallan To in 2269. Although outwardly devoted to the Cult, Villars is viewed as more of a liberal than the fanatic Mallan To, and has been much more palatable to the genteel tastes of his New Paris subjects.

Behind the Scenes

New Paris is named for the capital city of the Republic of Haven in the Honor Harrington stories by David Weber.

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