Yup, it's a snowball in space.

Nhur is a star system in the K'Nes Llan.  It currently has two commercial jumpgates to the Urrin and Hhak systems, although in the past it had a one to Andersvald as well.

Nhur has five planets, none of which are habitable.  Nhur 4 is owned by Miao Mercantile Inc., a megacorp that maintains a colony of 490,000 K'Nes on it, mostly from the Miao clan.  Except for the spaceports, most of the population live underground in structures built into abandoned ice mines.


The system's sole resource of any value is Nhur 4, a frozen planet of rock and ice.  For interstellar civilizations, water is very valuable, as humans, Jurvain, K'Nes, and Vulthra all need it to survive.  Water can also be cheaply and easily converted to oxygen to breathe and hydrogen to fuel starships.


Nhur has a thin oxygen atmosphere, created by solar radiation sublimating ice into oxygen and hydrogen.  The hydrogen, being lighter, escapes the planet's gravity and is lost to space, leaving the heavier oxygen behind.  The air pressure, however, is very low – 1.155 kPa, or about 1% of Earth's – so not even K'Nes can go out onto the surface without a pressure suit.


Nhur 4 is COLDthe temperature varies from -171° F at the equator to -297° F at the poles.  As it is too cold for water to ever exist in a liquid state, there is no rain, sleet, or snow.  However, the temperature differential between the equator and the poles, exacerbated even further by the temperature changes between day and night, causes constant winds that can blow at speeds up to 250 mph (400 kph).  This does, however, enable electrical wind turbines to power the K'Nes colony.


Nhur 4 was originally colonized by the Jurvain, although that colony was little more than a tiny deep space refueling station on the edge of their territory.  The Jurvain Commonality eventually sold the planet in 2041 to the Miao clan of the K'Nes Tor.  Being long-haired cats from the dark side of Purrfang, they were better adapted to the bitter cold and high winds of Nhur than the cold-blooded, semi-reptilian Jurvain.

Nhur Landscape

A K'Nes office built into the side of a mountain.

As K'Nes merchants expanded trade with the Jurvain, Emperor Horrath II built a commercial jumpgate from Nhur to the Urrin, the capitol of the K'Nes Tor.  After making first contact with humanity in 2178, Emperor Horrath III built an additional jumpgate from Nhur to Andersvald to facilitate trade with the Earth Federation.  Now a nexus of travel and commerce, Nhur's economy boomed.

Almost eighty years later, Nhur's fortunes reversed during the Second Vulthra War in 2257.  In the Battle of Andersvald where the Tor Navy was destroyed, Earth Fleet prevented their ships from being caught in a K'Nes pincer movement by destroying the Andersvald side of the Andersvald-Nhur jumpgate.  Under the Human Occupation, it was never rebuilt.  Nhur was now an isolated system instead of a trade route, and the loss of customers passing through led to a decline in business, income, and eventually population.

Miao K'Nhur K'Yawr, the CEO of Miao Mercantile and LEO of the Nhur Llan, stabilized the planetary economy by refocusing his company on smuggling for the black market (which had boomed during the Occupation).  Over the next decade, Nhur 4 gained a reputation as being one of the roughest, seediest planets in K'Nes space.

During the Ascension War of 2265, Executive Director Miao K'Rrowr K'Heth acquired an obsolete jumpgate by Federation Chairman Joseph Smythe, with hopes of rebuilding the Andersvald-Nhur hyperspace lane to improve Nhur's economy.  Unfortunately, when the Holy Terran Empire won the war, it dismantled the jumpgate network, resulting in (among other things) the nearby K'Nes system of Hhak losing its hyperspace lane to Andersvald as well.  With both Nhur and Hhak now having a spare jumpgate, they negotiated the creation of a new commercial hyperspace lane between their systems by pointing the jumpgates toward each other.

In early 2266, Emperor Vin Dane declared an embargo against the K'Nes Llan and blockaded their systems with warships.  With smuggling once again a booming industry and Miao Mercantile leading the industry in gravity drives, Nhur's economy continues to grow.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The destruction of the Andersvald-Nhur jumpgate came out of a graphic typo.  When Storyteller Marcus Johnston created the star map for TI season 9, he accidentally left off the commercial hyperspace route between Andersvald and Nhur.  This prompted player Ed Stasheff to come up with an explanation for why it was missing.

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