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The Nicodemus class was the second full class of Dreadnoughts built, and was for many years the second largest vessel in Earth Fleet, only smaller than the Coral Sea.  Whereas the Coral Sea was designed with an armament based around a massive battery of enormous 6-meter Grav Lasers for short-range combat against multiple medium-sized Bug vessels, the Nicodemus was designed for long-range missile combat using an enormous battery of 200 Lance Torpedo launch tubes.  For shorter range combat, it had the Onslaught Missile System, a huge array of box launchers for short-range missile weapons larger than a Fusion Cannon shell, but smaller than a Lance Torpedo.  Most of its other armament of 600mm Fusion Cannons and Chemlaser turrets is concentrated on its dorsal surface, the idea being that it would charge directly toward an enemy, firing lance torpedoes as it went, before diving "under" the enemy forces to face them with the full might of its topside armament.  This proved less than practical, and most subsequent vessels have been built with the majority of their unidirectional armament designed to fire forwards, with turret-mounted armament spread over a wider variety of firing arcs to avoid blind spots.

Of course, the Nicodemus-class also carries a large number of starfighters - sixteen squadrons, for a total of 192 fighters.  It can also transport a full division of 10,000 Tech Infantry Marines and has the Drop Pod Launchers, Transit Beacons, and Assault Pinnaces to land them on a planetary surface, along with 150-ton Mass Drivers for orbital bombardment. 

Upgraded several times over their century-long life span, these ships however never recieved full Gravity Drives, instead mounting a Spatial Distortion Accelerator, a sort of pre-first-generation gravity drive only capable of opening a jump point into hyperspace, not of moving the ship in realspace or protecting it with a defensive gravity shield.  By the time of the Third Civil War, only two ships of the original seven were left.  The EFS Nicodemus was destroyed by the Horadrim battlecruiser Canaris over Earth in 2244, during the mission of Erich Von Shrakenberg to destroy the Moon.  The EFS Juggernaut managed to survive all the way through the Ascension War, mostly due to a tendency of Fleet leadership to send it to low-risk rear-area defense tasks that needed some big impressive ship as flagship for political or morale reasons, but weren't expected to actually see any combat.  Recently, it was sent to the Arachnid Quarantine Zone as flagship of the new Fifth Fleet to block further Bug attacks on the Empire

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Nicodemus DN-4
  • EFS Juggernaut DN-7

Behind the ScenesEdit

The class was briefly described but not illustrated by Nathan Bax. The actual design of the ship was by Martin Hohner, based on a concept sketch by Mike Turner.

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