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Lord General Nicolai Malakov is a high-ranking officer with the Imperial Army, in charge of the ground forces invading the planet Kalintos.

Early Career[]

Nicolai Malakov was born on Avalon in 2205 to a family of Russian refugees fleeing the destruction of Earth by a Bug asteroid a few years earlier. He joined the Light Infantry at age 18 in hopes of getting Federation funding to go to college, but when he awakened as a Forces Mage two years later, he was transferred to the Tech Infantry and sent to fight the Bugs.

Junior Officer[]

Malakov rose through the ranks fairly quickly, both due to his ferocity in combat and his skill in navigating the internal politics of the military bureaucracy. In 2228 he won an appointment to Officer Candidate School and graduated four years later with a comission as a second lieutenant. After ten years leading men into combat against the worst the galaxy had to offer, he transferred to staff work and soon attached himself to several rising stars within the ranks. Briefly serving on the staff of General Sarah Dunmeyer cast a cloud of suspicion over him, but the fact that she had personally requested his transfer elsewhere shortly before her coup attempt kept Malakov from being arrested outright. Following the end of the Third Civil War, he spent the next decade on the staffs of several generals fighting the Vin Shriak,Bugs, and Jurvain along the Federation's southern borders.

Edo Incident[]

Realzing that he needed more combat experience if he wanted to advance to flag rank, Colonel Malakov engineered his transfer back to a line unit and was given command of a regiment of Tech Infantry soldiers during the campaign to absorb the former Eastern Bloc worlds into the Federation following the defeat of the Vin Shriak. It was during the occupation of Edo that his regiment was involved in what became known as the Edo Incident. An uprising against Federation rule by Bloc loyalists on the planet Edo was crushed fairly easily, but in the immediate aftermath over 100,000 unarmed civilians were massacred when soldiers in Malakov's regiment went wild, raping and looting and burning their way through the city of Ishikawa. Blame fell on Malakov's shoulders, despite his attempts to deflect it onto his immediate subordinates, and he was very nearly forced to retire.

Alliance with Vin Dane[]

Instead, he transferred into the Raptors, and became a trusted member of Vin Dane's faction within the organization. With Malakov's help, Vin Dane rose to become commander of the organization, the first Mage to do so since Andrea Treschi almost two decades before, and Malakov rose with him. Sent back to his old stomping grounds on the southern frontier, Malakov became head of the Raptor detachment on Chalfont in 2263. When the governor of Chalfont fled during the Caal Invasion, Vin Dane tapped Malakov to become the new Military Governor of Chalfont following the establishment of the Holy Terran Empire. Quickly realizing that he was not in fact tempermentally suited to civilian government, Malakov asked for, and was granted, command of a task force being organized in the Chalfont system to attack Kalintos and Ashdown and bring those worlds into the Empire once and for all. However, while still on Kalintos, Malakov was shot and killed by an 11-year-old girl scout during an attack on his command camp by Partisans and a squad from Soti's Slammers.

Behind the Scenes[]

Nicolai Malakov is the name of the lead percussionist with the Russian Folk Orchestra Moscow. A name like that is too badass to be a mere xylophonist, even one as badass as him, so it was given to a general. No, he was not consciously named after the then-current Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Nikolay Makarov, since we didn't learn about that particular coincidence until long after we'd killed off the character, but it did amuse us to no end when we found out.