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The Nike-class escort frigates are designed, as their name suggests, as cheap convoy escorts, freeing up Archer-class and Sydney-class destroyers for other duties. When not shepherding convoys between jumpgates and planets, they patrol star systems, both friendly and enemy, often way out in the Oort cloud hoping to avoid detection...and find anyone else out there hoping to avoid detection, and detect them instead. If they do detect an enemy, they are fairly well armed for their size, being the smallest ship with full Lance Torpedo launch tubes.

Known Ships

  • EFS Nike FF-207
  • EFS Nimrod FF-208
  • EFS North Star FF-209
  • EFS Nature FF-210
  • EFS Nebula FF-211
  • EFS Naiad FF-212
  • EFS Necromancer FF-213
  • EFS Negapsychic FF-214
  • EFS Monitor FF-215
  • EFS Merrimac FF-216
  • EFS Magician FF-217
  • EFS Madrigal FF-218
  • EFS Monarch FF-219
  • EFS Merchant Prince FF-220
  • EFS Mastodon FF-221
  • EFS Meerkat FF-222
  • EFS Master FF-223
  • EFS Mutant FF-224
  • EFS Marble FF-225
  • EFS Monstrance FF-226
  • EFS Martial FF-227
  • EFS Oscar FF-228
  • EFS Octagon FF-229
  • EFS Octopus FF-230
  • EFS Ochre FF-231
  • EFS Ocarina FF-232
  • EFS Opus FF-233
  • EFS Ominous FF-234
  • EFS Politico FF-235
  • EFS Paladin FF-236
  • EFS Pastor FF-237
  • EFS Polymath FF-238
  • EFS Pastiche FF-239
  • EFS Panache FF-240
  • EFS Palomino FF-241 (first command of Johanna Ingolfsson)
  • EFS Parakeet FF-242
  • EFS Praetor FF-243
  • EFS Queen FF-244
  • EFS Quaestor FF-245
  • EFS Radical FF-246
  • EFS Ramadan FF-247
  • EFS Runabout FF-248
  • EFS Runner FF-249
  • EFS Runaway FF-250
  • EFS Rostrum FF-251
  • EFS Rotor FF-252
  • EFS Rodent FF-253
  • EFS Rastafarian FF-254
  • EFS Raster FF-255
  • EFS Ramscoop FF-256

Behind the scenes

These ships were designed (in a bit of a hurry) by Martin Hohner, and named alphabetically after a grab-bag of types of terms not numerous enough to get their own theme-named class.