Admiral Patel defending his actions against the Vin Shriak at a press conference

Admiral Nirav Patel was the Earth Fleet officer in charge of the task force that used Dooms Day Devices to destroy the home stars of the Vin Shriak and end their threat to the Federation and surrounding star nations once and for all. Despite saving the galaxy, he was the victim of a politically-motivated smear campaign and became unpopular for "genocide of a sentient species". He was forced to retire from the service under a cloud of controversy, He returned to service just in time for the Caal Invasion, and died defending Avalon when his Star Control Ship, the EFS Hachiman, was destroyed by the Caal fleet.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Nirav Patel was originally a throwaway background NPC, a sensor officer on the EFS Benedict under the command of Erich Von Shrakenberg who needed a name for purposes of writing dialogue. As such, he was named for the commandant of Martin Hohner's JROTC Battalion in his sophomore year of high school. When Marcus later moved to India, his fascination with all things Indian led to Nirav Patel getting a much bigger role in the universe.

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