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The Niteroi class of Light Cruisers are slightly larger and older than the Prince of Wales class.  They do not carry any Fusion Cannons, but make up for it by mounting two Particle Beam cannons, a system normally found only on larger warships.  In terms of numbers of weapons, the Niteroi is lightly armed (for example, carrying only four Lance Torpedo launch tubes), but each individual weapon is generally slightly larger and more powerful than usual for a ship of this size, including two squadrons of starfighters, two 1½-meter Chemlasers and a 2½-meter Grav Laser, a weapon usually mounted only on warshpis battlecruiser-sized or larger.  Many observers feel these ships should have been classified by size and armament as Heavy Cruisers, and were only called Light Cruisers to get the funding for them pushed through the Earth Federation's Senate during the economic downturn following the Second Civil War.  These ships are unofficially known as the "suburb class", as they were named for suburbs or exurbs of major cities on Earth

Known Ships[]

EFS Niteroi CL-81
EFS Evanston CL-82
EFS Beverly Hills CL-83
EFS Woking CL-84
EFS Schaumburg CL-85 (Captained by Erich Von Shrakenberg and then Xinjao O'Reilly during 3rd Civil War)
EFS Oakland CL-86
EFS Yonkers CL-87
EFS Hoboken CL-88
EFS Levittown CL-89
EFS Berwyn CL-90
EFS Cicero CL-91
EFS Miami Beach CL-92
EFS Malibu CL-93
EFS Cheverly CL-94
EFS Rickmansworth CL-95
EFS Tarzana CL-96
EFS Palatine CL-97
EFS Versailles CL-98
EFS Galveston CL-99
EFS Hollywood CL-100
EFS Alameda CL-101
EFS Anaheim CL-102
EFS Chevy Chase CL-103
EFS Barrington CL-104

Behind the Scenes[]

This ship was the very first class designed for Season 4.3 by Martin Hohner, to be the ship captained by his Player Character, based on some sketches he did for an alien starship from a Star Trek fanfic he planned out but never actually got around to writing back in High School.  Many other classes of ship look the way they do in vain attempt to imply some sort of continuity of design style with this class.  Only afterwards did Nathan Bax make available his collection of sketches of ships designed for earlier seasons, which is why many ships on this database do not share any apparent design style continuity with the Niteroi class.  The Niteroi class was named for a class of Brazilian frigate, and the ships in this class are named for suburbs or other small cities near much larger ones on Earth.