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The Black Mask of Pain symbol of Clan Nosferatu

The Nosferatu are a clan of Vampires, and one of the core clans of the Camarilla.


The Nosferatu trace their lineage back to an Antediluvian named Abisimilard who lived in Enoch before the Flood. He was a vain and arrogant hunter who fell in love with a beautiful woman who rejected his advances. When he embraced her as a vampire to compel her to accept him, she broke her bond of obedience and fled the city shortly before the Flood. Cursed by Caine for his wickedness and vanity, Abisimilard's Childer and their descendants were also cursed with a truly hideous appearance, including the poor woman who had fled. Repenting of his wickedness (and still desiring revenge), Abisimilard swore to hunt down the woman and all her descendants. The Nosferatu of today claim descent from Abisimilard through this woman, and until Gehenna lived in mortal dread of the return of the Antediluvian founder of their line and the descendants of his other Childer, who were known as the Nickutu. The Nosferatu joined the Camarilla enthusiastically for protection, and served it as the organization's spies and information gatherers, living in the sewers and subway tunnels of the great cities of mankind and moving un-noticed through the shadows and underworld, watching and listening.

Rising from his torpor during Gehenna, Abisimilard was defeated and destroyed by forces of the Camarilla, and his Nickutu loyalists exterminated as well. Freed from their eternal fear, the Nosferatu have remained loyal members of the Camarilla and continue to serve as the eyes of organized vampire society.

Clan Traits[]

Universally hideous to this day, the Nosferatu tend to have pale, clammy skin, often heavily scarred, and their nearly hairless heads and bodies resemble the animated corpses they truly are, far more than any other clan of vampires. Additonally, they cannot retract their fangs to hide their vampire nature like other vampires can, and these traits together render them almost incapable of blending in with mortal society. So they live in the shadows, hiding in the sewers and sub-basements of humanity, usually mistaken for homeless people and ignored even if seen, observing the goings-on of mortal and undead society alike from the shadows and sewer grates. They are excellent spies and gatherers of information, couriers and messengers, and operators of safehouses and escape routes.

Notable Nosferatu[]

The Jackal, founder of the Fearless Jackals smuggling and crime organization, was a Nosferatu Vampire who was killed by Andrea Treschi in 2243.