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Over the years there have been a number of figures in the Tech Infantry Game that have truly had a major impact upon the Federation. In some cases, where some of these characters turn and walk the whole galaxy seems to go the same way. In other cases, some of these characters have achieved significant accomplishments behind the scenes that have left a major footprint in the history of the TI without even a handful of people even aware of their existance. Or, sometimes the figure is just so insanely powerful that if your characters should come across her, then she would be very wise to notice.

This page presents a consolidated list of the major figures in the TI whether they are former characters, notable figures, living or dead. While all of the former player characters have added their own flare or important contribution to the game, for the new player to the game the list of notable characters below could be considered canon characters and are really worth knowing.

Players are free to add other important figures to this list if they can make a strong arguement that it is justified. They are asked to provide a brief paragrpah describing the accomplishments of the figure, a small picture, and a link to the official fiture entry. Any deletions from this page should only be done by Zolo618 or Martin the Mess.