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Nuke'em from orbit, it's the only way to be sure

Nuke is a slang term for an illicit drug, originally marketed as an anti-spasmodic under the trade name Anucosil. The drug is a clear liquid, and a small square of cotton gauze is usually soaked in this liquid, then applied to the skin with ordinary tape. The drug soaks through the skin into the bloodstream, then causes hallucinations, euphoria, a general sense of peace…and then psychotic delusions, homicidal or suicidal impulses, and finally heart attacks or strokes leading to death. Real addicts apply the drug-soaked patch to the back of the neck, in a practice known as “brainstemming”.

Of course, Nuke is also slang for a nuclear warhead or power reactor, either fission-based or fusion-based. Fission-based warheads are almost never used any more, as laser-pumped fusion warheads are much more efficient. Both types of power plants are still in wide use, but fission reactors are mostly used for remote locations such as on new colonies, where long periods between refueling cycles are more desirable than the efficiency of fusion. And, when you can always dump nuclear waste into a nearby star, waste disposal is no longer a problem.