Second to Fieras, this campaign was the least desirable posting in the Tech Infantry.

Operation Earth was the Tech Infantry operation to drive the Resistance from the reconstructed Earth. The continued guerilla attacks kept the Fed from reclaiming the planet from 2218 to 2243.

Marko Vitek managed to lead the Resistance to victory despite an entire legion being posted on the planet. Although he had never more than ten thousand people on the planet, he continued to keep the Tech Infantry off balance. Simultaneously, he was able to use the planet as a headquarters for the entire movement.

Thanks to the 3rd Civil War, the need for personnel weakened the garrison on Earth. Vitek took advantage of the situation to finally kick the legion off the planet's surface, and build a new fortress city called Sanfran (on the ruins of San Francisco). The Earth Fleet kept them in check by surrounding Earth with a ring of attack satellites.

Eventually, the Grand Council Loyalists sent a task force to deal with the Resistance. Vice-Admiral Erich Von Shrakenberg finally destroyed Earth by driving its moon into its surface. With the destruction of their main base, open warfare against the Fed ceased.

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