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An Oracle is a Mage who has risen to such immense power and mastery within a single sphere of magick that they are not only the greatest and most powerful mage in that sphere in existence at a given moment, but the most powerful mage possible in that sphere. There can be only one mage per sphere at a given moment, but there may not be one at all. A single mage may not be Oracle of more than one Sphere at a time, although it is just barely theoretically possible to be Oracle of more than one Sphere over a particularly long lifetime if you somehow lose your oracle status in your first sphere.

Past Oracles have included Pyramus Grey, Oracle of Mind. Lwan Eddington is currently the Oracle of Life, and Andrea Treschi is coming terrifyingly close to becoming a new Oracle of Mind. Vin Dane will become an Oracle of some sort by the time of the Y3K game setting.  It is not presently known if there are any other Oracles at the present time.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Though the Oracle is a concept found in the original World of Darkness source material, the term was used to denote any high-level mage on the verge of ascension (or perhaps even one who had ascended). TI's version of the concept may have been created by Nathan Bax for season two, which would place it a year before the introduction of The Oracle from The Matrix.

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