Liftoffs of recently constructed Bug ships

P15 is a star system in the galactic southeast at the furthest reaches of human-explored space, deep within the Arachnid Quarantine Zone.  The planet is currently held by the Bugs.  The only way in or out of the system is through a military hyperspace jumpgate from the Aurelius system.


This sole inhabited planet is located deep within bug space and consequently has seen very little human military activity, mainly because many other systems held by the Bugs are of greater strategic importance.  In recent years, increased Bug industrial activity has been seen by reconnaissance probes.  It is now known that the Bugs have finally been able to make use of this planet's plentiful but hard-to-access resources to build larger ships at a faster rate.


The planet has been classified as a radiated ultra-rich mineral world by the Earth Federation Geology Association.  Although there are plentiful valuable mineral resources within the crust and mantle of this world, its close proximity to a particularly bright and active star, coupled with no natural ozone layer, means that the surface is constantly bombarded with hard ultraviolet and cosmic radiation.  Thankfully, the thin atmosphere and consequent weak greenhouse effect prevents heat buildup from making the planet even more hostile than it already is.  No major forms of life other than bugs are believed to be inhabiting this planet at this time.

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