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Pablo Losada was a laboratory research assistant on New Madrid at the Imperial Institute of Mental Health, working under Dr. Icarus Hicks. When Icarus Hicks burned down the lab and faked his own death to go on the run, he more or less kidnapped Losada and forced him to join the quest to keep Dr. Hicks' research from falling into the wrong hands.

When Icarus Hicks became suspicious that Losada was going to betray him to the authorities, he had Losada's memory wiped and dumped him at another research lab on another planet entirely with a forged transfer order.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Losada was named for a minor character in a previous novel by Martin and Marcus, who in turn existed mainly in order to sneak in an oblique reference to the film A Bridge Too Far. He was an NPC created to be an ally of Icarus Hicks in Season Eight, got very little screen time, and then was unceremoniously dumped from the story line entirely out of fear that Marcus would turn him into some sort of mole or spy. Instead Marcus turned the Mind Mage who performed the memory wipe into Lwan Eddington in disguise.

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