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The Pentex Corporation was a Megacorp on Earth prior to Gehenna. Only tangentially connected to the Syndicate, its actual goal was to expand the influence of the Wyrm, create chaos, and eventually bring about the Apocalypse.


Pentex had many divisions, some wholly-owned subsidiaries, others were corporations that Pentex merely held a partial interest in, enough to influence its activities and exert some control over corporate policy.

  • Magadon Pharmaceuticals: The Medical and Biochemical research arm of the corporation, most of their products actually saved lives, in order to provide cover for the 1 percent or so that didn't. Mind control reasearch, biological and chemical weapoons research and production, and addictive narcotic medications were among their many products.
  • Pentex2

    They had many subsidiaries, all of them evil, but some more evil than others.

    Endron Energy: The Petrochemical and Energy-industry arm of the corporation, and the original core of the Pennsylvania and Texas Petroleum Company that was the basis for the entire Pentex conglomerate. These were the guys who hid corrosive chemicals in their gasoline and lubricants, cut corners on the safety systems of their supertankers, drilled for oil in odd places and came back with something not necessarily petroleum-based, and bought the patents on clean energy sources to hide them from the light of day.
  • King Distelleries: The Beverage arm of the company, they lie on their labels about the alcohol content of their brews to make people even drunker and stupider than they exepect, but otherwise are actually only slightly linked to the more sinister activities of the overall corporation.
  • BlackDogPentex

    Did they make Anti-Imperialism Deluxe?

    Avalon Toys
    : They used chemical additives in their toys that suppress creativity and imagination, promoted the images of werewolves as monsters...and vampires as sympathetic, sparkly, romantic characters who were merely misunderstood.
  • Tellus Electronics: The video-game and consumer-electronics arm of the company. They specialized in gory, violent, desensitizing video games, mind-dulling subliminal messages embedded in video tapes, and generally feeding the slow degradation of human culture.
  • Black Dog Games: A publisher of tabletop Role-Playing Game sourcebooks and rulesets, these guys imbue their inks with mind-warping chemicals and promote the ideas of power at any cost, the dullness and futility of mortal existence, the redemptive and cleansing power of violence, and a general sense of social isolation and psychopathy among players of RPG's.

Gehenna and the EndEdit

When Gehenna broke out in 2001, the company's plans for apocalyptic destruction seemed to be fulfilled. But the exposure of the secret magickal world also led to the exposure of their nefarious activities, and their previously cozy relationship with the Syndicate and the Technocracy in general came to an end. Their company was broken up, its assets seized or frozen, its facilities confiscated or destroyed, and its board of directors hunted down and killed by the Werewolves of the Tech Infantry. This final victory over one of their most hated enemies and the Wyrm's most powerful servants played a big role in getting the majority of the Werecreature community to grudgingly

Yet like most megacorps, they actually had good publicity.

accept conscription into the Tech Infantry, at least for a time. Many of the low-ranking employees and middle managers of this now-defunct company drifted into other Megacorps more directly tied to the Syndicate, and this may have played a role in the eventual falling-out between the Syndicate and the New World Order.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Pentex was of course the major antagonist organization of the original Werewolf: The Apocalypse role-playing game which we partially based Tech Infantry upon. Since the went down during Gehenna in the backstory of the game, they haven't been seen on-screen as such. But we do occasionally like to make sly references back to them and their subsidiaries. The animated banner ads for them were created by VillainSupply, now known as VillainSource and apparently with new and different banner ads. Martin saved them to disk fifteen years ago on the off chance they'd be useful to a future TI website.

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