Phil Shon was a human who served in Earth Fleet before and during the Third Civil War. He was the staff adjutant of Destroyer Squadron 15 at the battle of New Madrid, under the command of J.J. Adams. After the Third Civil War, he retired from Earth Fleet and emigrated to the Eastern Bloc, where he eventually became an officer with Imperial Security.

Season Eight Alternate TimelineEdit

Phil Shon served as an officer with Imperial Security, chasing down the enemies of the Middle Kingdom. His partner was Marcel Deveraux, and together they chased James Welthammer and Icarus Hicks all over the galaxy.

Behind the ScenesEdit

He was named for an offier in the JROTC unit of Martin Hohner back in high school.  We had long forgotten that he was listed in background materials as a staff officer in DesRon 15, but never mentioned as such in the text, when we named another character after the same guy in Season 8. So we've retconned them as being the same character after all.

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