Pi One as seen from the viewport of a mining shuttle

The Pi System is a star system in human space, to the Galactic North of New Paris.  It is currently ruled by House Villars as an outlying possession of their main power base on New Paris.


The Pi system primary is a small, dim yellow dwarf star, and there is only one planet of any type, a small rocky earthlike world that orbits at the extreme outer edge of the habital "Goldilocks" zone.  Pi One is a frozen iceball of a planet, with vast oceans where microscopic life arose well enough to give the planet a breathable oxygen atmosphere, but not enough to colonize the land with much beyond algae and fungus equivalents.  There are significant asteroid belts and a large cometary cloud where some mining activity occurs.


Pi was a minor Arachnid outpost during the first Bug War, and was conquered by the Earth Federation in the mid-21st Century.  Early attempts to colonize the system mostly fizzled, due to both the harsh conditions and a high rate of suicides due to depression caused by living in the dim light of a barren, frozen wasteland.  Finally the Ooutermeer Congolomerate purchased the colonization rights and in 2098 landed a pioneer party of genetically-modified "volunteers".  Aside from tweaks to their circadian rhythm and low-light vision, the most notable change was that they were all albinos, their skin lacking the melanin and other pigments not needed to protect them from skin cancer in the very dim light of this lonely world.  White hair, pale skin, and red eyes would be the typical look of an inhabitant of Pi One for centuries, as the albinism bred true in most of their descendants.


Pi One has a total planetary populaton of around 2 million people as of 2275, with about half of them being albino descendants of the original colonists, the rest later immigrants or temporary workers.  Another half million people live in orbital habitats or in mining camps in the asteroid belt and cometary halo of the system.  Despite the demise of the jumpgate network, Pi still manages to have a thriving export economy with its mining focus.  The Ooutermeer Congolomerate colony was focused on mining Verendinite, a rare ore containing Gadolinium and Lutetium.  Other sorts of mining, both for rare and common minerals, and both on the planet and on asteroids and comets, continue to be the main backbone of the Pi system economy.  Fishing in the frozen oceans and hydroponic farming serve to feed its own population, although much food also is imported from elsewhere.  The capital city of Esquimault is colloquially known as "Eskimo Pie" by its snarkier inhabitants.  As one of the fiefs of House Villars, the Cult of the Emperor is strictly enforced as the only legal religion on this world, a stance that continues to cause grumbling among the miners and others.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Pi is, of course, named for the Greek Letter, and most of its backstory was created to give an excuse for Kristen Vorheis to be an albino.

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