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Varrless K’Purrfang K’Pirr the Younger is, quite simply, the richest and most powerful cat in the K'Nes Llan. He holds the highest number of multiple offices of any K'Nes, simultaneously being the Executive Office for the K’Nes Llan, LEO of the Purrfang Llan, CEO of the Varrless Financial megacorp, and First Patriarch of the Varrless clan.

Human OccupationEdit

Under the K'Nes Tor, Varrless Financial was merely an old and respected megabank. After the Federation defeated and the K’Nes Tor and occupied K’Nes space, however, Pirr was one of the first cats to realize that free-market capitalism was more of a cherished myth than a reality within the Federation, and that economic success revolved around currying favor with the political elites. Consequently, Pirr pushed his elderly father and corporate clan’s leader, Pirr the Elder, to immediately collaborate economically with their occupiers. During the eight-year occupation, Varrless Financial grew into the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful megacorp in K’Nes Space.

Caal Invasion & AftermathEdit

Shortly after the Caal Invasion shattered the Federation and the K’Nes planets declared independence, it wasn’t clear who was in charge of the K’Nes government. Pirr the Elder established the Purrfang Llan along a corporate structure, a governmental model that was quickly imitated on all K’Nes planets. The venerable and respected Pirr the Elder then worked tirelessly to get all K’Nes planets to band together and form species-wide K'Nes Llan, with their new capitol on the Varrless clan's home planet of Purrfang.

Shortly after the K’Nes Llan was founded, Pirr the Elder died (officially of natural causes, although Pirr the Younger prevented an autopsy from being conducted). Apparently, Pirr the Elder supposedly changed his will shortly before his death to leave everything to Pirr the Younger instead of dividing his assets among all his cubs, as had been expected. Inheriting (among other things) his father dominant shares in the K’Nes Llan, Pirr the Younger instantly became the Executive Office of the K’Nes Llan and de facto leader of the enitre K'Nes race.

K'Nes LeaderEdit

Pirr the Younger considers the entire K’Nes Llan to be his personal property to do with as he pleases, tolerating the Board of Directors and Executive Board only as an obnoxious but necessary rubber-stamp charade needed to achieve buy-in and consent from the other major trading houses. The Executive Board, on the other hand, consider Pirr Varrless to be merely the “first among equals.”

In the early months of the newly-founded K’Nes Llan, Pirr was able to push most of his legislative agenda through the Executive Board. Continuing to follow the Varrless clan’s successful policy of collaborating with the conquerors, Pirr determined the Holy Terran Empire was mostly likely to win the civil war currently raging in the galaxy. Working closely with Zechariah McNeilly, a Horadrim and personal aide of Emperor Vin Dane, they went about positioning the K’Nes Llan for an eventual alliance with the Empire. Non-Aggression & Free-Trade contracts were signed with the Jurvain Commonality and the Ministry of Public Safety (both neutral toward the Empire) while preparing to sever diplomatic relations with the Federation and Terran Republic (both at war with the Empire). Finally, he introduced a Non-Aggression & Free-Trade contract with the Empire to the K’Nes Lan.

Pirr’s plans hit a snag when the Federation unified with the Ministry. With the Federation now right across the border from the K’Nes Llan, many in the Board of Directors and the Executive Board questioned Pirr’s wisdom of potentially alienating and antagonizing the only recently-evicted Federation, especially at a time when the K’Nes possessed only a merchant marine space fleet and no army to speak of. Worse, Heth and Yawr of the Miao clan from Nhur pressured Pirr into introducing a Non-Aggression & Free-Trade contract with the Federation to the Board of Directors.

Pirr is growing increasingly frustrated and impatient with the Board of Directors as their debate drags on and on with no contracts being signed with either the Federation OR the Empire. Under pressure from McNeilly, Pirr has recently started taking more direct actions to achieve their goals.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Pirr Varless was a villian in Heth's storyline i n Season 9.  Written during 2011 while the USA was still in the Great Recession, bankers made an easy target as villianous characters.

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