A Planetary Assault Pod falling toward a Bug planet

A Planetary Assault Pod is a far larger version of a Drop Pod, for landing combat vehicles and supplies on the surface of a hostile planet during an invasion.  Such a pod resembles an early Apollo Command Module, but the size of a barn.  They are used to bring hovertanks, RABBIT Artillery vehicles, aerodynes, trucks, ammunition, food, spare parts, and excavation equipment along with the first wave of an invasion.  They are capable of splashdown water landings with parachutes, or using retro-rockets to make soft landings on almost any patch of open ground.

Later supply runs are usually done with Shuttles and Pinnaces, once enough of the surface is captured to allow for landing strips and supply dumps to be set up.  Once empty, they can be used as shelters for vehicle maintenance, storage sheds, or even armored pillboxes, but they are not generally intended to be re-used for another landing.

Assault pods can frequently be seen slung beneath the ventral surfaces of the larger sort of Troop Transports and Assault Dreadnoughts, pre-loaded with gear and supplies likely to be needed in an invasion situation.

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