Plasma grenades

Hand-thrown and rifle-launched plasma grenades.

Plasma Grenades are the standard combat explosive used throughout the galaxy by humans, K'Nes, and Jurvain (and possibly Vulthra).  The grenade contains two chemicals that, when mixed and shocked with an electric charge, undergo a hypergolic reaction to create a cloud of very hot, very corrosive, electrically charged gas that expands very rapidly.  When the plasma explodes, the segmented plasteel shell of the grenade fragments into shrapnel.

The plasma cloud burns into anything within a six-foot radius, and the shrapnel blast cuts into anything within an additional twelve-foot radius.  Although the shrapnel is deadly to unarmored combatants, troopers in power armor can usually shrug it off.  Plasma grenades also have a nasty habit of igniting anything flammable within the blast radius (paper, cloth, wood, some plastics) and setting fires.  Depending on the combat terrain, this can be either disastrous (dry grasslands) or inconsequential (rocky desert).

The timer on plasma grenades can be set to anywhere from one to ten seconds, or set to detonate on impact.  They can also be fired from an electromagnetic grenade launcher (basically a specialized coilgun) up to a thousand feet away.  Electromag grenade launchers are recoilless and can be set to fire at subsonic velocities, making the launch silent but reducing range to 250 feet.

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