Yippee-ki-yay, alien scum!

Plasma Revolvers are a common sidearm in human-controlled space.  A large handgun which holds several plasma charges in a revolving cylinder.  The shotgun-shell-like charges contain small amounts of two chemicals which, when mixed together and shocked with an electrical charge, undergo a hypergolic reaction and produce a cloud of very hot, very corrosive, electrically charged gas.  This gas is then electromagnetically fired from the plasma revolver’s barrel toward a target.  The hot, corrosive gas will burn or eat through flesh and most other materials; however, a strong magnetic field can attenuate or deflect the plasma cloud.

Plasma revolvers and their ammunition come in all strengths and sizes, from small-caliber two-shot derringers to massive high-caliber eight-shot hand cannons.  The most common and widespread type of plasma revolver is the PR-6, as it was the standard-issue Light Infantry sidearm under the Earth Federation.  The PR-6 is a medium-caliber six-shot pistol with an effective range of about 350 feet.

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