A Piccone .50 Plasma Rifle

A Plama Rifle is basically a larger, shoulder-fired version of a Plasma Revolver. A larger reaction chamber and long barrel mean a more confined plasma bolt and a higher muzzle velocity, leading to increased range, better accuracy, and a more powerful impact.

Plasma Rifles require both a power cell and tanks of reactant chemicals to function; if one or both run out, it's basically just an awkward club.  How long the battery and chemcial ammunition lasts depends on the size and model, but an average of 100 shots before reloading is stadard,  Range is relatively short, about 600 feet.  The best Plasma Rifles are made by the Piccone arms company of Phoenix.

Behind the Scenes

The Piccone name for rifles comes from the middle name of Frank Piccone D'Antuono, a good friend of the original players of the game and himself a player in Season 4.3 as Alistar Dimiye. Believe it or not, the name "Piccone" is Italian for "pickaxe," so Frank thought it oddly appropriate.  The name was first used as a Plasma weapon manufacturer in the Fatebane stories by Marcus Johnston, one of the original players and a frequent Storyteller in the online seasons. 

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