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The Prince of Wales class of Light Cruisers were built shortly before the Long Beach class of Heavy Cruisers, and served as a testbed for the modular turret concept.  Although they lack the gravity drive of their larger brethren, they are very well armed for their size, being the smallest ship ever armed with a Grav Laser.  While the Fusion Cannons, Chemlasers, and much other equipment is modular and can be swapped out easily between missions, the Grav Laser cannot be removed.  It also has the capacity for a full squadron of starfighters, usually F-7 Corsairs.  The ships of this class are all named for British warships or historical figures from Earth That Was.

Known Ships[]

EFS Prince of Wales CL-105 (David Weathers' ship in Season Eight)
EFS Duke of York CL-106
EFS Black Prince CL-107
EFS Iron Duke CL-108
EFS Prince Regent CL-109
EFS Duke of Kent CL-110
EFS Norfolk CL-111
EFS Lancaster CL-112 (Captured by TI Rebels early during Third Civil War).
EFS Marlborough CL-113
EFS Monmouth CL-114
EFS Montrose CL-115
EFS Westminster CL-116
EFS Northumberland CL-117
EFS Richmond CL-118
EFS Somerset CL-119
EFS Grafton CL-120 (Captured by TI Rebels early in 3rd Civil War, later became pirate ship Graft)
EFS Sutherland CL-121
EFS St. Albans CL-122
EFS Cornwall CL-123
EFS Cumberland CL-124
EFS Campbeltown CL-125
EFS Chatham CL-126
EFS Sheffield CL-127
EFS Coventry CL-128
EFS Birmingham CL-129
EFS Newcastle CL-130
EFS Glascgow CL-131
EFS Cardiff CL-132
EFS Exeter CL-133
EFS Southampton CL-134
EFS Nottingham CL-135
EFS Liverpool CL-136
EFS Manchester CL-137
EFS Gloucester CL-138
EFS Edinburgh CL-139
EFS York CL-140
EFS Belfast CL-141
EFS Glamorgan CL-142
EFS Victoria CL-143
EFS Cromwell CL-144
EFS Churchill CL-145 (destroyed at Battle of Mars, 2243)
EFS Cornwallis CL-146
EFS Montgomery CL-147
EFS Drake CL-148

Behind the Scenes[]

This class was designed (rarther in a hurry) by Martin Hohner, based on a vague concept by Nathan Bax.  Lorpius Prime made a rather cool 3-D rendering of this class for Season Eight, but it has apparently been lost in the meantime.  Oh well.