Y Kant Prissy Read?

Priscilla Savant was the lead singer ofGun Metal Grey, a rock band of the early 2240's infamous for their subversively political lyrics. In early 2243, she was the target of several assassination and kidnapping attempts, leading her management to hire a full security team to protect her, and this team would be led by Alex Grey and Miro Creed. After a romantic and sexual relationship between Priscilla and Miro led him to resign from her service, a final kidnapping attempt was successful. Miro tracked down several leads, all of which seemed to point to the idea that she had been kidnapped at the behest of some faction of the government, likely InSec, as a way to get leverage over...Miro Creed. Further investigation revealed that Priscilla herself was actually some sort of clone or robot, programmed with someone else's false memories, to be used as both a political tool to embarass Arthur Clarke (the target of most of the irate portions of the lyrics in her songs), and as a honey trap to ensnare Miro Creed, most likely due to his Horadrim nature. Further investigation was cut off when Miro himself was taken away through a time portal by Vin Dane. The final fate of Priscilla Savant, as well as the details of her true nature, remain unknown.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Obviously there was a lot more planned in her plot arc, but real life intervened and Miro Creed's player had to leave the game, leaving an awful lot of plot threads dangling. Her Actor Avatar was Tori Amos.

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