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Basically this, but with human werecreatures.

Unofficially known as the "Orgy Program", Project Dawkins was an Earth Federation experiment during Chairman Clarke's administration to create new types of werecreatures by interbreeding different werecreatures species together.

Although most of the breeding attempts failed, there were a few successes, notably the creation of were-ligers by cross-breeding a male were-lion with a female were-tiger.  Wereligers were enormously strong and unusually large, typically seven feet tall in human form and twelve feet tall in crinos form.

Although wereligers are the only werehybrid to appear in the story canon so far, other werehybrids are possible.  Success is most likely if the corresponding animal species can naturally interbreed in the wild.  Thus, a werewolf-werecoyote mating might produce a were-coywolf, while all attempts to create an Owlbear by means of a wereraven-werebear mating have so far been a dismal failure.

Of all werecreatures, the Bastet, or werecats, appear to have the best chances of successfully interbreeding betwen the species of thier own were-breed, as many feline hybrids can naturally occur.

Although the program was discontinued long ago, there may still be a few wereligers or other unusual were-hybrids running around.

Behind the Scenes[]

Project Dawkins was created by player/writer Chris/Zolo, mainly so his character William Bishop could fight and kill a giant wereliger.  Still, the existence of this project provides an excuse for future player/writers to create their own bizarre hybrid werecreatures.