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Awakening possible - tail optional.


Project Exo-Genesis was one of many secret projects started by the 1st Triumvirate in order to combat the increasing Bug threat during the height of the Bug War. Along with Project Vitek, Technocracy mages proceeded to develop unethical ways of fighting the Bug's greatest advantage: numbers. Exo-Genesis' goal was to find ways of artificially stimulating the dormant genes in normal humans in order to awaken new mages and engender recessive werecreatures.

The project was known to be widely successful, and although their results were destroyed after the 1st Civil War, many mage bloodlines can trace their heritage to this incident. It is unknown how many awakened beings were forced into their new forms and then drafted into the Tech Infantry. However, the greater number of potential awakened led to an inbalance in future Fed affairs, leading to the political bloc of TI vets in the Senate... which led to Sarah Dunmeyer's attempted coup, and the 2nd Civil War.