With all the ships out there, who would notice one called Nightmare? Oh, that's right - everybody!

Project Nightmare was a secret project promoted by the 1st Triumvirate and led personally by Marshal Corric. The concept was to build a spaceship that could function as a mobile research facility, be sent out to alien worlds, and find a way to create human-alien hybrids to fight the Bugs. Corric hoped to build on the successes performed by Project Vitek and then add new DNA strains to create "walking nightmares" to win the Bug War. It also gave the project plausible deniability to have a mobile platform. The experimental ship was called the EFS Nightmare.

The project was revealed after the 86th Platoon encountered the EFS Nightmare in the New Madrid system (then called H4). Boarding the ship, they discovered an unauthorized secret research facility connected with what became known as Project Vitek. When the guards of the research vessel attacked his fellow platoon mates, Adam Selene heroically sacrificed himself tackling a high-level vampire out an airlock, enabling the rest of his platoon to escape. His sacrifice was not in vain, as the information behind Project Nightmare was soon revealed to the pubilc, kicking off the 1st Civil War.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Nathan Bax was probably nspired by the anime called "Project Nightmare." It was a convenient device to bring a normal war campaign into the political realm, which was the finale for Season 1, and led to the 1st Civil War campaign in Season 2.

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