We can build her, we have the technology

Project Nimrod was a follow-on to Project Nexus, yet another attempt to create a supersoldier who could equal the abilities of awakened troops, be mass-produced in large quantities, and most importantly, be absolutely controllable by the powers that be in the Earth Federation. As usual, it succeeded in only some of these goals.

Project Nimrod only produced a single cyborg soldier, a female code-named Leviathan, before the Internal Security lab working on the project was shut down by interservice fighting following InSec commandant Rashid King's failed coup attempt in August of 2243. Driven into hiding, Leviathan was tasked with leading Operation Anarchy, a campaign of sabotage, kidnapping, and guerilla attacks to disrupt the efforts of InSec's rivals to consolidate power in the capital of Avalon City.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Nimrod was a character in the Book of Genesis who was described briefly as "A Mighty Hunter", and the founder of one of the first cities.

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