Pumonca are werecougars.

Orignally from North America, many of the Pumonca decend from Native American ancestry. Prior to the TI, among the Bastet Tribes the werecougars were known as being loners and drifters. They are also known for being sturdy and tough.

Long ago, the Pumonca attended council fires with Garou from the Wendigo Tribes and fought beside the Croatan against the Wyrm when Europeans first arrived in North America.

Things did not go well for the Pumonca when the Garou Tribes arrived from Europe to the new world and the War of Rage began. Up until then, the Pumonca had relied on the physical strength of their feline and Crinos forms when in combat. However, against the mystic powers of the Garou the Pumonca suffered heavy losses, but their fate was improved due to the actions of a Comanche Shaman who remade bargains and agreements between the Pumonca and the old spirits and elements. Unforunately, by the time the remaining Pumonca learned new abilities from the spirits, their numbers were too few to turn the tide of the battle against the white werewolves. The end result for the Pumonca was a major decrease in their numbers, yet the Pumonca that have survived tend to be very strong physically, spiritually, and magically.

Within the TI, the Pumonca are known as being loners and isolationists. They rarely form long lasting relationships. On the other hand, they tend to be excellent fighters and most units that have a member of the Pumonca included in their ranks are glad to have them.

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