Pyramus Grey was a Mind mage oracle who was the founding member of the 1st Triumvirate and the leader of the Technocracy. He eventually became Grand Council Chairman until he was defeated in the 1st Civil War.

Early HistoryEdit

Pyramus was born on Earth in 2125, the scion of two great mage houses. His parents were leaders of two of the Technocracy conventions. Thanks to his position, he was trained by some of the greatest mages of the time, and his cultured upbringing elevated him to prominence. Although he could have avoided the draft, he chose to join the Tech Infantry, although he was immediately rushed into Officer Candidate School.

Young ProdigyEdit

He was a young captain when the Drakat War broke out. He volunteered to be part of a recon unit and was quickly respected for his ability to clearly identify enemy positions. As the war continued, he transferred to military intelligence, and was quickly promoted for his excellence in supporting the war effort. His new position allowed him to work with a lot of the Technocracy power brokers in the government and he began to develop a power base. Many suspect that his obsession with secret projects, later including Project Vitek, started at this time.

However, it wasn't until 2165 that he really began to succeed. His discovery of Isis gave him access to a wealth of knowledge that he exploited ruthlessly to remove obstacles to power. The later addition of Corric Lightfoot allowed for the formation of the 1st Triumvirate.

1st TriumvirateEdit

With the end of the Drakat War, Pyramus transferred into a small, and at the time obscure, government agency called Internal Security. From here, he created his own power base, gathering information on his rivals through Isis, and using that knowledge to force them to work with him or be destroyed. He developed many secret projects which gave him and the Fed power.

Grey used people like pawns; no where was this more obvious than his own family. Like his parents, he married a leader of a Technocracy convention in order to support his own career. They produced a daughter, Alicia Grey, who eventually took over her mother's group to be the last head of the Syndicate Convention.

Eventually he manuevered himself onto the Grand Council, bringing Isis and Corric along to support him, and becoming elected as Grand Council Chairman. His manipulative scheming eventually got the best of him, as it earned him powerful enemies, including Bruce Von Eisenstein. The fracture of the Technocracy into Grey's supporters and opponents led to the 1st Civil War and the death of Pyramus.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Pyramus Grey was the original badass villain created by Bax during the later half of Season 1 and whose demise comprised Season 2. The name Pyramus Grey came from the book Hellstar by Steve Perry. Those days Bax was seriously channeling Babylon 5 so the character was probably a bit Psi Cop in concept.

We never really had him show off how powerful (mage-wise) he was until the very end. The Mage sourcebook talked about the idea that humanity's collective subconscious was what shaped reality and thus a mind oracle could reshape reality by reshaping the subconscious of humanity. Looking back, we may have gone a tad over the top with that, but the idea would be revisited in Season Eight with the plot of Icarus Hicks.

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